Vic Guhrs is an artist and writer who takes his inspiration from the natural world, the mysteries of wilderness, and the uncharted no-man’s land of the soul where man and animals meet.

Born in Germany, he came to Africa at the age of twenty-two in search of a life in remote places among wild animals.

After completing his art studies in Johannesburg, he moved to Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, where he spent the next twenty years observing, sketching and painting, and learning the ways of the wild.

Since leaving his camp he divides his time between Lusaka and Cape Town, but the lessons learnt there still infuse his work with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life, and the healing power of wilderness.


Sable Sunrise – Oil on Canvas


Burnt Earth – Oil on Canvas

Hyena Moon – Oil on Canvas

Waiting Dog    –  Oil on Canvas

Matriarch – Oil on Canvas

Lost Goat – Oil on Canvas

Abandoned Goat – Oil on Canvas

On the beach with her dogs

Beach Study (Misty Day)

Last Summer – Oil on Canvas

Nude Study – Oil on Paper

The Sea